York River Group of Virginia Chapter of Sierra Club

Yorktown Power Station

In 1957 the Yorktown Power Station began burning coal and oil at various times in its long history of operation.  The plant periodically continues to operate today but is scheduled for closure.  Coal ash and other industrial waste have been deposited in various sites in York County. There are the Newsome Drive Industrial Landfill and the Chismas Creek Superfund sites on Wolftrap Road. Click this link to view a brief history of the plant and a map of various industrial waste sites.

The York River Group of Sierra Club takes a special interest in this plant and the associated industrial waste sites as they directly impact members of our community.

Make Fort Monroe a Park

Fort Monroe, located in the City of Hampton, closed as an active Army facility in 2011 as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) 2005 decision.  In determining the future use of Fort Monroe, Daily Press and Virginian Pilot surveys have shown that more than 80% of several thousand who responded were in favor of the establishment of a Fort Monroe National Park.  During the written comment period under the Army’s Section 106 process by the National Historic Preservation Act, almost all of the 425 respondents specified that all 565 acres of Fort Monroe be under the jurisdiction of a National Park.

In 1960 most of its 565 acres were designated as a National Historic Landmark.  Its history is rich, from a fortress to protect Jamestown in 1609, through the Civil War era, to present day, and its location is ideal, commanding the Chesapeake Bay.

On November 1, 2011, President Obama proclaimed Fort Monroe as a National Monument, under the Antiquities Act, and the fort is now protected by two entities: The National Park Service and the Fort Monroe Authority.

Following the model of the Presidio in San Francisco, Fort Monroe can be self-sustaining and can become a “Grand Public Place”, known nationally and internationally, forming a fourth side to the Virginia Triangle, to become Virginia’s Historic Quadrangle.  The Citizens for a Fort Monroe National Park received the Citizen of the Year for 2011 from the Daily Press for their ongoing work to protect Fort Monroe.  Their website: http://fortmonroecitizens.org/

Fort Monroe is contiguous to Buckroe and White Marsh, with vital waterfront on public land which needs to be preserved.  Fort Monroe is rich in history, but also in green space, a place for recreation and wildlife protection.  The York River Group supports the protection of Fort Monroe and we continue to have special programs about the park to monitor the progress of its preservation.

Save Riverview Farm Park

The Save Riverview Farm Park group is dedicated to the completion of the implementation of the Riverview Farm Park Master Plan that was adopted by Newport News City Council on July 23, 1991, a plan that is consistent with the Deep Creek / Menchville Master Plan of 1990, an illustration of which is shown below, and continues to be supported in the current Framework for the Future 2030.  Learn more about how you can help; visit: saveriverviewfarm.com

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